PJ Paulson, writer

PJ Paulson, writer
PJ Paulson, Writer

Accept a warm ‘Welcome’ to my author page. Let’s have a seat, be comfortable, and get to know one another a little bit. How’s your day going? Mine is alright – I’m writing. Writing is something that I can’t not do. It’s who I am. Writing is in my soul, and it feeds my spirit.

What makes this a good place for writing? Where I live in Colorado, the environment can be harsh, and one of extremes. Temperatures can rise or drop up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit in a day. On the drive to town, you can see mountains and mesas a hundred miles or more in the distance. In a blizzard, you can’t see the hood of your car. After a summer afternoon rain, the wind stills, and if anything at all is to be heard in the gilding sunset, it’s the gentle tinkling of horned larks out across the fields. On a windy day, there will be whitecaps in the stock tank, and wind will blow water out of the bucket for the dog. The downpour of a summer afternoon thunderstorm will fill the stock pond for the toads to swim and sing at night. Hot summer winds or drought can dry it up nearly as quickly. (To learn more about this environment, click here.)

Life here is not for the faint of heart. It can rub your spirit just a little raw. That rawness is like the sand in the shell of an oyster, and, for me, the pearl is writing. Inspiration here is uniquely rich, and uniquely rewarding.  

I’ve told you a bit about me, now feel free to tell me about you. What feeds your spirit and recharges your soul? Are you an author? What do you like to read? What information would be helpful here? Please feel free to browse, and I thank you for your time and interest!


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